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    SAP Adobe Forms : Handling Multiple tables with data flowing multiple pages


      Hi All,


      I have a designed a Adobe form (Elements Read only - Print Form) having different content areas(on Master page) with each having a Items table (DATA) that could flow to several pages. The items table(DATA) i am using is same in both the content areas apart form the fact that in First content area ( I named it "Main" in form) there are 4 fields in table and in second content area("Perforated area") there are 6 fields from same table, so the number of entries in the tables are same with same content.


      So there are two areas and two tables : 1st : Main area ( Main area : items table ) : For Office use only

                                                                2nd : Perforated area ( Perforated area : items table ) : Customer copy


      I am using Paper type :  Letter format and the Main area is up to the 190 MM from the Top of the pageand the Perforated area starts from 200 mm from the top of page to the end of page.


      My requirement is such that i want to show the data of both these tables in both the content areas on each page even if the content flow to next page.


      For ex : If there are 15 records in Items table and according  to length of content area it can accommodate only 12 entries so the 3 entries would flow to the next page in the same content area, so on page 1, Main area (Main area : items table) : should have 12 entries and on same page Perforated area (Perforated area : items table) should also have 12 entries; also on page 2 Main area (Main area : items table) : should have remaining 3 entries and on same page Perforated area (Perforated area : items table) should also have remaining 3 entries.


      So here if the Table content are less and the page1 is able to accommodate all the entries both the tables and areas are having entries which is fine.


      The problem arise when there are entries that flows across multiple pages. As whenever the Main area ( Main area : items table ) which is a flowable content has large entries it moves to next page (because of automatic page break)  and the Perforated area : Perforated table has no entry because of break(page break) on page 1 due to Main area : items table, So Unless the  first table stops executing the automatic page break the second table(perforated table in perforated area ) doesn't start printing. Here I want the page break to be executed simultaneously for both tables or something like after processing perforated table on each page. So that i get the records in both the tables on each page.


      Can somebody offers some help on this? I am stuck with this and not able to move forward.