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    Saving vector data

    Ketrinz Level 1

      A client wants to place an Illustrator file within Photoshop and save as PDF. Readers will view the PDF on screen at increased magnifications. I know that people will say, work the whole lot in Illustrator - but they don't want to do that at this stage.


      Text will stay vector no matter what magnification - but the map looks pixellated.


      By keeping info as smart object doesn't work.


      Any suggestions please.

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          Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

          That's because things other than type and a few other things possibly in ai files (depending on how the file was saved and/or file type saved as or exported as)  get rasterized when opened in photoshop,

          Why won't they just save a pdf from illustrator and avoid all that?

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            Ketrinz Level 1

            Look I agree, but they don't like doing the bulk of the work in Illustrator. The maps however, are saved as ai files but when you place an ai file into Photoshop and save as a PDF it still goes bitty. Am I missing something?

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              PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

              Yes, when you place an AI file, you get pixels, or a smart object that has vectors "inside", but renders pixels the files they are embedded in.

              What is "the bulk of the work" they are doing in Ps, and not in AI? InDesign might be an alternative.