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    Warp Stabilizer in Premiere Pro CS6


      I was glad to see Warp Stablizer in PP so that it would not require AE. However, I found it to destabilize (no pun intended) Adobe Media Encoder such that the video would fail to render and I couldn't retry without restarting the computer. After about four or so reboots, I tried removing the Warp Stablizer effect from one of my nested sequences and suddenly the render succeeded.


      FWIW, I don't know if it's related, but the sequence setting was 720p but the nested sequence that had the warp stabilization applied to only one clip therein was 1080p.


      I do have GPU hardware acceleration enabled (not that Warp Stabilizer uses it that I know of).


      Is this a known issue, and does anyone have any suggestions for a workaround other than going back to using AE a la CS5.5?


      Also, on a side note does anyone know what process I need to kill after a failed render like this so that I don't have to keep rebooting? The dynamiclinkmanager process got rid of a hung Media Encoder on exit but didn't resolve the hung Media Encoder on restarting to render.