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    Premiere Pro CS6 crashes whenever I go near Project Settings


      Hi all


      I am using an official trial version of Premiere Pro CS6 as part of Creative Cloud. I am editing on my MacBook Pro 17" (newest model) with h.264 footage recorded on my Canon 550D.


      Everything works fine, imports and edits like a dream. However, during editing, if I simply go to Project -> Project Settings -> General - then don't even change anything, just ok out of the dialog box then it crashes.


      When I say crashes, the video disappears and I cannot do anything at all until I exit out and reboot. No messages appear until I do a 'force quit' and then I get the standard "A serious error has occurred" etc.


      Of course the obvious solution is to not select Project Settings when editing! Which I will do for now, but I would like to think that I can change any settings I like without it crashing every time!


      Any thoughts?