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    Implicit coercion of ArrayCollection to an unrelated type ArrayCollection

    John Wolfsteiner Level 1

      The error:

      Implicit coercion of a value of type mx.collections:ArrayCollection to an unrelated type mx.collections:ArrayCollection.


      Don't realy understand what's going on.


      This happens sometimes, mostly after working in design mode. A project clean sorts it out. I can also get rid of this error using the "as" casting operator but it doesn't sound right.


      It happens here for example:

      mainApp.baseData.crimeScenesCollection = Remoting.toObjectProxyAcFromArray(result.data.crimeScenes);


      crimeScenesCollection is an ArrayCollection, the Remoting.toObjectProxyAcFromArray converts an array with objects to an ArrayCollection with ObjectProxies.


      Using Flash Builder 4.6.1 build 335153

      SDK 4.6.0  build 23201