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    EASY CATALOG pluging


      Someone who knows a lot of EASY CATALOG?


      I need to know make a table with various data and grouped


      If anyone decides to help explain in more detail



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          Hi. You should take a training with Easycatalog.


          1. To start, produce a data source with Excel or a database like MySQL.
          2. Then export it as a CSV file
          3. Open it in Easycatalog with File > New > Easycatalog File DataSource
          4. Group your data in Easycatalog with the "Group" menu in Easycatalog palette's top right menu
          5. Create a text frame in the InDesign page. Keep the blinking cursor in it.
          6. Select your data in Easycatalog
          7. Press the '"Pen" button in Easycatalog. It should fill the text frame with a table. Almost done.
          8. Add a new line anywhere in the table, then select it
          9. In Easycatalog palette's top right menu, choose Table > Line options. You can tell that this line is a "Group line", placed every time you change group.
          10. Create a new Easycatalog library with File > New > Easycatalog library
          11. Put the text frame containing the table into the library
          12. Select more data in EC palette, then drag the library element into the document. It should fill with the new datas, and the group lines should be repeated every time there is a group

          That's all !


          Try the Easycatalog forum for more questions !