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    Layer Panel Issue


      I have doing some testing with Illustrator CS6 and have noticed a bug in the Layers panel. If you have a layer with the 'print' option unchecked, i.e making it a Non-Print layer, any layer that resides below it will display incorrectly in the Layers panel (The layer name, previous and any sublayers will disappear until you role over the layer with your mouse).

      Has anyone else had this issue, does adobe have a fix for this??

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          Gustavo Del Vechio Level 3

          Hi Liam


          Could you please take a snapshot and show here?


          I´m having no problems with Layers panel in Illustrator CS6


          Thank you


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            Liam-Prestige Level 1

            Thank you for the reply.


            I have attached a couple of screen shots showing the issue. The first screen shot shows all layers below the layer with 'print' unchecked as not displaying properly. The second screen shot shows all layers displaying correctly when 'print' has been checked again in the layer options.

            Print unchecked.png


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              I have the same issue. I haven't related it to printing vs non printing layers but now that I think about it the file I have the issue with has non printing layers.

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                Liam-Prestige Level 1

                Yes, its to do with non printing layers. As soon as 'print' is unchecked any layer below it also experiences the same issues, I was wondering if Adobe are aware of this bug and if they have a fix for it?

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                  fousthvk Level 1

                  But get this I work in a graphics shop and I have my artist open the file in illustrator cs6 and he doesn't have the same problem. And I know I didn't have this issue yesterday. It just "sprung up"

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                    Liam-Prestige Level 1

                    Also if you roll over the layers with your cursor the layer names re-appear and disappear, it is very buggy. As soon as you check 'print' on again in the layer options it will fix the issue, surely they cant of designed it this way?

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                      fousthvk Level 1

                      I also have the issue with printing layers it is not isolated to non printing layers.

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                        colling_s Level 2

                        Which OS are you working on ? I am having no problems with Ai on Snow Leopard.

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                          Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                          I am having no problemon Lion but it does sound like a bug or conflict. the question is what manifests this to happen.


                          I wonder if it starts to happen after they open the print dialog for that file? Or related to a rip or a printer driver conflict?


                          Although this sounds like a bug to me even though I can't reproduce it.

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                            DocPixel-BMW Level 2

                            Works correctly here, also on Snow Leopard 10.6.8

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                              Liam-Prestige Level 1

                              Hi All,


                              Thank you for your answers.

                              I am on Snow Leopard 10.6.8 also. I am testing using the trial version of CS6 before commiting to buy. I was wondering if this is isolated to the trial version. I have tested it using files originated in CS5 and also new creations in CS6.

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                                AshutoshChaturvedi Adobe Employee

                                Can you check if you have few disabled fonts on your machine? Those lead to UI issues as well

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                                  Liam-Prestige Level 1

                                  Thank you for your reply ADBE Designer. We use font management, as do most professional users of Illustrator, so a lot of fonts are disabled. Are you talking about any specific fonts, maybe you talking about the Adobe support fonts?? Can you please elaborate.

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                                    AshutoshChaturvedi Adobe Employee

                                    I am aware of issues with Verdana fonts but Illustrator may use other fonts as well for the panel text depending so if Verdana is disabled and it fixes issues for you. Else you may have to do a trial and error to find out the exact culprit in your case. you may enable all and see if the issue goes away and then look to selectively disable in a bunch to arrive at the font that should have been enabled but is disabled.

                                    Illustrator installers installs few fonts(dont have the list handy) those are the must that needs to be enabled as few of them may be used by user interface.

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                                      This is an issue with Arial and non-printing layers. If you have the open type version of Arial deactivated and a nonprinting layer (which is indicated by an italic Arial) all the layers will show up wonky beneath that non-printing layer.


                                      I have repeated this bug over and over using Font Explorer X. Deactivating Arial causes the layer panel to break, reactivating Arial makes the layer panel work normally. The workaround is to activate Arial and make all layers "printing layers" and simply hide them.


                                      I have attached screencast.


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                                        I am on 10.6.8 but using Suitcase Fusion 4 and am having the layers panel issue described above (disappearing below non-print layers). I tired activating the open type version of Arial Italic, but that didn't resolve it here. We have two macs and on one the layers panel is fine. They have the same OS, apps, fonts, plug-ins etc. I have reinstalled, repaired disk permissions, cleaned font caches...

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                                          fousthvk Level 1

                                          deactivate all but your system fonts and see if that resolves the issue. Make sure all system fonts are active.

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                                            carson_nl Level 1

                                            no, that did not do it but, thank you

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                                              I was having this same problem and Verdana font was the issue for me. When I activated Verdana the problem went away.

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                                                hobbsian Level 1

                                                Activating Verdana seems to have solved the problem for me too. As well as a similar issue in Dreamweaver where even some dialog box buttons were missing.

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                                                  ikyu_72 Level 1

                                                  Hi all,

                                                  I was having the same issue, (the minute I set a layer to non-print, it's name in the layer panel disappeared).


                                                  Activating Verdana full time seemed to help. As posted earlier, I am a pro-user, therefore I also use font management (Suitcase Fusion), setting Verdana to "Permanent" fixed the UI bug.



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                                                    WOW, what timing. After reading up on this issue here on Adobe.com and narrowing down to Verdana or Arial being the issue on the last reply... this update from Extensis Suitcase popped up on my Mac (Mountain Lion, CS6, Suitcase Fusion 4)


                                                    "What’s new in Suitcase Fusion 4

                                                    What’s new in 15.0.5

                                                    This release addresses an issue that caused fonts to be unavailable to the Extensis auto-activation plug-ins and font panels in Adobe applications."


                                                    I'm sure there must be a manual fix as noted (try using opentype Arial was posted)

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                                                      r2larryM Level 1

                                                      What’s new in Suitcase Fusion 4

                                                      What’s new in 15.0.5

                                                      This release addresses an issue that caused fonts to be unavailable to the Extensis auto-activation plug-ins and font panels in Adobe applications. For more information, see this Knowledgebase

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                                                        carson_nl Level 1

                                                        Font panels are a different issue. The original discussion was about layers set to non-print. As a recent subscriber to the cloud, I hoped it had been resolved. Following the suggestions above has not helped. I have to set all layers to print, so, not a good work around. Any more input? Thanks!

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                                                          ikyu_72 Level 1

                                                          Sorry Carson_nl


                                                          Can you explain your issue again briefly then?

                                                          If I'm reading you correctly,  you're still having an issue with setting layers to non-print.

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                                                            carson_nl Level 1

                                                            I am still having the issue, yes. If an Illustrator layer is set to non-print, it and all the layers below it are no longer visible.  If I change it back to being a print layer it all views as expected. Since the names of non-print layers are italic, it would seem to be a font issue and it does appear that some people have resolved the issue by activating the right font. Thank you

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                                                              ikyu_72 Level 1

                                                              Yes, that's what I thought. So yes, I found in my case, that it was indeed a font issue. When the correct fonts were permanently activated, then I was able to set layers to non-print, but still be able to read the layer name.


                                                              The font in question was Verdana.


                                                              Sorry I can't be of any more assistance.

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                                                                colorChaos Level 1

                                                                Activating Verdana on my system also fixed the issue of layers set to non-printing disappearing.

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                                                                  Microsoft Office 2011 is the cause of problem as soon as you install, it will make Ai to act, it is replacing Verdana to MS 5.02 version of font and kills the itlic Verdana which AI is looking for. Here is what I did to fix the issue and it worked. Remove Verdana fonts from Hard Drive > Library > Fonts folder. From the Finder select Finder > Secure Empty Trash. Use Apple's Font Book to look at "All Fonts" and search for Verdana, then right-mouse click on "Verdana" and select "Enable 'Verdana' Family." Quit Font Book. Note : if you have a third party fonts management software like Suitcase please make sure it is activated permanently. Verdana is in apple system font . Good luck .

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                                                                    waterknot Level 1

                                                                    Verdana! Activating Verdana fixed this for me as well as the issue that the icons in the bottom of the layer's palette were not always displaying or working and I could not move selections using the little dot on each layer. Both issues fixed with permanent activation of Verdana. Super strange but very glad to have a fix. THANK YOU!