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    Incopy story list.xml files are being created


      We have been successfully using an InDesign to InCopy worflow here but have had some mysterious problems happen today. An outside editor (new user to InCopy) has somehow created these "story list.xml" files on the files she has been working on. And now she can't see the story files for the rest of the documents, those 05-08, that she hasn't reviewed yet.


      Any ideas on where her working method might be going wrong? We have gone through the method with her and can't see any huge issues, she was right clicking on boxes to check out stories which isn't how we do it, we usually do them all at once). And does anyone know if I can just delete these xml files? The only person who can see the rest of the stories (chapters 05-08, is the designer who originated the files.


      Screen shot 2012-05-14 at 12.30.05 PM.png

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          AnneMarie Concepcion Adobe Community Professional

          Hi there!


          Story list files are common ... they are generated (as I recall) when a user renames a story in the Assignments panel (like renaming a layer or a paragraph style). This doesn't change the name of the linked ICML story, it's more of a "cosmetic" feature to more easily locate certain stories in the panel within ID and IC, especially when ID is auto-generating story names during export.  For example you might change a story's name in the Assignment panel from "05-AcmeLayoutABC-oneday" to "Headline".


          There are other non-worrisome XML files that might be generated in the workflow, like if an InCopy user changes the order of stories in Story/Galley view by dragging their grey story bars up and down. Basically these files keep track of these sorts of changes so all users working on the project see the cosmetically-renamed stories in the panel/new order of stories in the Story/Galley view.


          Nothing wrong with right-clicking to check out one at a time.


          I've never heard of Story List files making stories invisible, but yes, you should be able to delete them without a problem. I would probably make sure no one has checked out any stories from the INDD file and that all stories are up to date, first, and then close the INDD file, before deleting them though.



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            MegCollins Level 1

            Thanks so much!!! I deleted the story list files and now everything is fine. I still have no idea how it happened, we tried to recreate the situation with the editor, but of course now everything works perfectly. The publisher is very happy that it got fixed though, so that's the main thing