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    How do I choose and then install the correct version of Adobe Flash Player for my machine?


      First thing - My computer -   PROCESSOR: Intel Celeron 450 @2.2 Ghz,  MEMORY: 4GB,  OS:  Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64 bit,  BROWSER:  IE 9.0.8112.16421



      Everything was hunky-dory until the auto-installer updated my version to the Flash Player 11.2 version and that's when it all went downhill.  As soon as it installed that version, none of the TV networks, news networks or Hulu recognized that I had Adobe Flash Player.  In addition, I could no longer create a blank new tab in IE or use the tools button (the little gear symbol) in the upper right hand of an IE window.  Because of the IE problems, I figured it was a problem with IE and went about searching for a solution in that arena.  I finally found something at Microsoft that helped me determine if it was an IE problem and went through the various steps.  The final step required booting into safemode and trying to replicate the problem.  IE worked fine in safemode so, Microsoft determined the problem had to be with outside influences.


      After several frustrating attempts with other fixes including virus scanning and firewall settings, the problem persisted.  I then un-installed Flash Player per Adobe's instruction and re-installed the recommended 'latest' version.  The problem remained.  So, when all else had failed I did a full system restore to a point over a month ago, which is prior to the occurence of the problem, while at the same time noting which drivers and programs would be affected.  I already had a sneaking suspicion that it was Flash Player because I read the full system requirements for the recommended version that the auto installer was trying to install (see below).  I then began updating everything one at a time to see if any of the windows/software/driver updates had any affect on IE.  None did until I got to the Adobe Flash Player and updated it.


      Now, what I think the problem is:  The auto installer ONLY looks at Operating System and Browser to determine which version of Adobe Flash Player is correct.  In this regard, my machine should use the latest 11.2 version.  HOWEVER, if you look at the full system requirements for the 11.2 versions, you will note that it requires a...... 2.33 Ghz processor!  In this regard, 11.2 is NOT the correct version for my machine as it only has a 2.2 Ghz processor.  And I think therein lies the problem.


      So.  I freely admit that I am not a computer expert and am, in fact, so far removed from ever even contemplating wearing such a title that I'm sure all who read this are sitting in your offices having a good laugh at my expense.  As such, I welcome anyone and everyone to tell me what I've done wrong and how I should go about fixing it.  If my deductions are correct, then could someone please tell me how to choose the correct version for my machine and then tell me how to actually install it on my machine.


      I know that this is a long post and I thank you all for your patience and any help you choose to offer me.