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    Latency issues in AE CS6


      Hello there,


      I installed CS6 Master Collection last week (May 2012) in hopes that AE CS6 would speed up my work flow. I am working on a large project and the global disk cache is very appealing.

      However, I have notice that the program UI chugs out and run at about 1/4 the speed of CS 5.5.


      Im running Win 7 x64 (all updated)

      Intel i7 - 3960x @ 3.30GHz

      32 gigs of ram

      SSD C drive

      Raided SSD cache drive

      GTX 580 (updated driver)


      Any suggestions? I've had to go back to working in 5.5 because the latency is so bad that it takes 10-20 seconds to respond on the simplest action.

      I noticed in the task manager in uses double the ram just being open (around 4.5 gigs)


      Any help would be appreciated.