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    Setup questions ...

    paulfigg Level 2

      Thanks for the help:


      I mostly deal with 1080p AVCHD. I'll figure out how to pull this into Premiere Pro (CS6) emulating FCP 7 log and Transfer. When I ingest footage I'll transode to ProRes 422.  What I need help with is a few basic setup settings:


      How do I set things up so that all created sequences use ProRes LT or Proxy and still leave me the option to export using the 422 versions of the sequence clips?


      What codec is recommended for the Video Previews option? Does this setting tie into what I am asking above?


      My system is slighly dated. PP runs fine on it. What I'm trying to do is develop a workflow that is less taxing using different versions of ProRes for editing and outputting.


      thanks, again.