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    Jerky MP4 video in CS6?


      In CS6 when I edit an MP4 (simple trims) and render it, the resulting video is "jerky"?

      What am I missing or doing wrong?

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          While there are some rudimentary tools in it for editing video, Photoshop is for painting video. If all you need is to trim, use a real video editor. Most operating systems offer such for free or less than $20.


          Jerkiness might appear if you are resaving a video with a codec different than the original... like no compression at all and it is stressing your video output and storage throughput.

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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            Photoshop CS6 support video now its very easy to trim string together add transition and audo with CS6 and it has many preset for rendering output.  It handled my Canon 1d Mk IV HD video well here is a example I use CS6  YouTube preset http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLztV-tbrxU


            I encoded that also as High Quality the first MP4 came in at something like 157MB and the High Quality one around 450MB these HD file are jerky on my old laptop when played by Windows Media Player,  The First one I uploaded to YouTube the above link Plays well on my old laytop and even my iPod from YouTube...


            Photoshop CS6 Video and ACR 7 make CS6 a worth while upgrade still Adobe has not fixed the Action Player Bug I reported in CS5 that they introduced in CS4 I skipped CS4.

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              Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

              I liked the dual of the light sabres.  Especially where the little lad tries a “Look behind you granddad!”  but JJ is not fooled, and disarms his diminutive opponent with one blow.


              Yep. Video is a can of worms.  I found Premiere Pro way more complicated than Photoshop because of all the different compression types. 

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                CS6 has certainly improved video editing but it still falls well behind in editing features compared to Windows' free Movie Maker 2 (XP/Vista/7) and Mac's bundled iMovie. It could certainly improve but I wonder how far they want to step on Premiere's toes.


                My concern is simply the system overhead for editing video in Photoshop. If graphic manipulation is not necessary, cutting video is more efficient elsewhere.


                But with my distraction aside, Bill should really check his output codec.


                (kudos on the grandson that knows to hit the stick and not the grandpa! Not many are that bright ...or so benevolent to their opponents)

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                  Creating good video is hard.  Takes a lot of knowledge.  Good equipment, good crew, setup requires a powerful computer and a lots of Time.  Its WORK that is why I don't do video.  A few things impressed me though.  My Canon 1D Mk IV HD quality was quite good and it built in mic actually picked up some sound. Sound is very hard to do well and requires special equipment. 


                  Photoshop CS6 is not designed to be a video editor still it surprised me for its performance is very good and it easy to use.  With ease you can string armature clips together and trim them in a non destructive manner. Its also easy to split videos and slide frame positioning to show the desired frames within the timeline. You can also add text, still images and transitions after viewing a short tutorial.  Best was  a very pleasant encoding experience there are quite a few well name presets.  Without any knowledge one can pick the preset they need based on its the Preset name alone.