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    loadMovie() Question

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      I'm using loadMovie() to load in an external SWF file. In most cases, these SWF files will contain animations that last a few seconds; however, as it stands currently, there is no standard length for these animations, so some might be five seconds while others are 30. Eventually, this might be the case, just not now.

      My question: How would you suggest I determine when the loaded clips have finished playing? Is there a function I can call that can do this sort of thing? Should I put code in each of the loaded SWF files to talk back to the main file? Thoughts?

      Thanks in advance!
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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          If you are loading these external swfs into an empty movieclip, then the loaded clip takes on the name of the clip that it was loaded into. If the loaded movie has frames, then you can look at the currentframe property value to test the progress of the clip. If you are using actionscript to animate the movie then you'll have to use actionscript in the movie to show that it has finished.