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    How do I add a "normal" space?


      Given a text location, I'd like to use the Doc object's addtext method to a "normal" space. I say normal space because I can't actually figure out what type of space FrameMaker is using by default and I haven't been able to find any documentation about it either. My understanding is that a space is a special character, which means I have to pass the addtext method a hexadecimal representation of the character.


      So I looked for the characer set PDF for framemaker 10. I could only find one for FrameMaker 9, which is available here: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/FrameMaker/9.0/CharacterSets/character_sets.pdf. According to that PDF, the following spaces have a hexidecimal representation.


      • \x10 (numeric space)
      • \x11 (nonbreaking space)
      • \x12 (thin space)
      • \x13 (en space)
      • \x14 (em space)


      I have tried them all. This is an example:




      While the method successfully adds a space, the space is not the normal spacing that occurs when I press the space bar. That is the spacing I want the AddText method to add in. Is there another space with a hex representation I need to pass in?