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    How to add or remove components for itemrenderer during Run time

    jxyiliu@yahoo.ca Level 1

      Hi All,


      I am devleoping a mobile application. I have few grids shared same itemrenderer class, each grid has its own cells structure like different label and images.


      How can I create itemrenderer's structure with good performance during running time?


      I tried with set data function. What I did in this function is remove all existing elements, created and readded all elements back to itemrenderer based on the structure of data passed in.


      The performance is very bad even if only have label elements.


      Then  I tried to put a check in set data function, when numelements > 0, I will only reset elements value instead of deleting and recreating. However, the list value on the screen are all messed up.


      Is there any way to change the itemrenderer's structure during run time and has better performace?