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    Index working only partially in Chrome and not at all in Safari


      The online help I created for my client using RoboHelp 9 works perfectly and looks great in IE and Firefox (viewing it from my client's web server). However, in Chrome and Safari, the Index portion of the online help is not functioning correctly, and we need it to be. (The Table of Contents, Search and Glossary are all functioning just fine in all 4 browsers, though.)


      Specifically, in Chrome, all the index keywords display, and when you click on one that is linked to a topic, the topic appears as it should. However, when you click on an index keyword term that is linked to more than one topic what is supposed to happen is that a pop-up box appears giving the user a choice of topics to choose from. What actually happens is nothing.


      In Safari, all the index keywords display but nothing happens when you click on one. In addition, in Safari, the bullets are different and the bullet text is mis-aligned (formatting issue).


      How can I get the Index working properly in Chrome and Safari? Thanks for any help!