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    Problems copying between Flash CS5.5 and TextEdit in OSX Lion

    Ziplinski Level 1

      This is a wierd one but it's cost me a ton of time...



      When running Flash CS5.5 on OSX Lion (vs. 10.7.4) if I copy text from Flash and then paste it into a TextEdit Document it ALWAYS results in slowing down Flash to the point where it is basically unusable. The ONLY solution is to restart the whole system. (I use TextEdit to document my work, so I go back and forth between the two constantly).


      Specifically, the copied text must be from a Instance Name field or a Movie Clip name field. (I've copied text out of a classic text field without problem).


      When I go to paste the text into a TextEdit document there is a abnormal lag of a few seconds, but the text does get pasted, and TextEdit continues to function normally.


      However, when I then return to Flash, it is noticable slower. Every click takes several seconds to register. For example, when opening a movie clip in the library, after double clicking the MC after a few seconds the MC will be highlighted, after several more seconds the timeline will display for that MC, afer several more seconds the stage will finally display the cotents of the MC. The larger the file, the longer the delays.


      Restarting Flash makes no difference. Trashing Prefs makes no difference. However restarting the entire system does fix the problem.


      I also reinstalled Flash, which also fixed the problem, but I was able to cause the problem to occur again.


      I may pass this along to Apple also.


      Thanks for any insights!