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    Media downloads need to be easier to create


      I work with several government agencies and non-profits, both of which generate tremendous amounts of PDF documentation that needs to be made available for download. Using the media downloads as it's designed now works like this:

      • Start creating a page. Realize you need to upload a document to the page.
      • Go to media downloads.
      • Go find the file on your hard drive and note the name of it
      • Come back to media downloads, type in the name of the document
      • Choose the file format of the document
      • Save the media download item
      • Upload the actual file for the media download
      • Go back to the page you started creating
      • Add a link, search for media download to insert


      At the very least this process needs to be able to happen inside of the webpage editor in a modal window (similar to image manager). Ideally it'd also be simplified like this:

      • Choose file you want to upload
      • Title & file-type are automatically filled in for you, with the option to modify both
      • Save & insert


      WordPress does this, LightCMS can handle it, and so does almost everyone else - so why can't Adobe figure it out? I know literature/media items are a little more advanced (limiting access, tracking stats, etc) than simply uploading a file in WordPress, but I think it's high time that this process was streamlined.