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    Error 16 on Creative Suite 6

    coryschmitz Level 1



      I just spent $1422 on Adobe CS 6 Design Standard. It was working fine for a couple of days. However, yesterday when I tried to launch any of the applications, a message popped up telling me to uninstall and reinstall the applications ( http://cl.ly/3D1u1r3T1G1F2b0a370H ). After trying to do this for HOURS (the installer kept crashing), I finally was able to reinstall the apps, only to recieve the message again. What should I do? This is extremely frustrating, as I have a ton of work to do and this is holding me up.


      More info:

      Mac OS X Version 10.7.4

      2.66 GHz Intel Core i5

      8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3