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    PDF stamp missing on import into InDesign

    Cyndee M Level 1

      I asked this in the Acrobat forum but on further investigation it seems to be an ID problem.


      I was sent a PDF to include in a magazine I layout. This PDF was originally created by one person and has one element that was added by another. This added element is a stamp added in Acrobat.


      When I open this in Acroboat (9.5.1) it looks as it should. The document prints properly including the stamp as long as I select to print Document & Stamps in the print dialog.


      However,when I place it into an ID (6.0.6) document, that new element *the stamp) does not appear (and does not print).


      What needs to be done either to the source document with the stamp or on the ID import to get the stamp to show?