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    Camera Raw Camera Calibration Tab and 5D Mark III


      I don't think that many people do this in camera raw, but it was kind of an important step in my workflow with the Canon 7D before and is just not working the same way with the 5D Mark III now.

      In the Camera Calibration Tab (Third from the right side) I always changed Camera Profile from Adobe Standard to Camera Standard or Camera Portrait. This step made the image automatically look better, contrast was better and the highlights look a lot better that way. Of course the "Camera Portrait" option makes the image a lil bit red, like the Picture Style in the camera does. But it was an easy adjustment with the Hue Slider of the Red Channel. Like I already said - really great improvement of the image on the 7D raw files, beautiful highlights, shiny, contrasty and so on... Same stuff worked with 5D Mark II perfectly, too.

      Now with the 5D Mark III the "Camera Portrait" option, my favourite one, gets me pretty bad results. The Image is too strong oversaturated, too much red in the skintones and in the shadows, too! Shadow contrast gets worse and I can't control this settings the way I did before with the hue/saturation sliders of the channels. It's too extreme red or it's too yellow, but not something right between this extremes. And the highlights get some green tint, so it's no real optimization of the image overall quality at all, like with the other cameras. I don't know if the support of the 5DMIII is still not up to date... It is not only my camera, I also have asked other photographers with a 5D Mark III and they have the same issues changing the camera profile. Lightroom has exactly the same effect... It would be great, if an Adobe Employee can forward this issues, so that it gets tweaked with the further updates and 5dm3 will work the same way in camera raw like mark 2 or 7D.


      Sorry for my bad english