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    Slight RGB Shift When Copying and Pasting From Illustrator to Photoshop


      I'm using Adobe CS5.5 Master Collection with all of the updates and proper color management setup through Bridge. I am working in Adobe RGB 1998 RGB in both Photoshop and Illustrator on a MacBook Pro running OS X Lion.


      When I copy a vector square of color that is #FF263A (one color only) from an RGB document in Illustrator and paste it into an RGB document in Photoshop as either "pixels" or as a "smart object", the placed square color actually changes to #FF2539.  It's pretty close - but it's wrong. It needs to be exact.


      Funny things is: if you double-click on the "vector smart object" to open the square vector object in Illustrator, the color of the square in the vector smart object file is correct…  but if you save and return to Photoshop to see the updated document, the color is slightly wrong again.


      My team has been having all kinds of troubles with this type of slight change in color when cutting and pasting. This has become a crippling issue in our production flow and I'm really hoping there's a good answer. We have done lots of research in these and other forums and nothing has helped.


      Any help is greatly appreciated!