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    markers on clips don't move with project when switching media drives


      Here's an odd one. I'm editing a project in Premiere Pro CS6 and in order to avoid carrying drives back and forth between two editing locations, I cloned the footage drive and have one duplicate drive in each location. I'll call them location A and B.


      I have no problem relinking clips when I move back and forth from location to location. That's all working great, as expected.


      When I am reviewing clips at edit location A, I've been placing a marker on the hero moments to make them easier to find later when editing. The strange (or perhaps perfectly normal) thing is that when I move to edit location B and relink the clips, all of my markers that I made at location A are gone.


      The same thing happens when creating markers on clips at location B. When I move to location A, the markers made at location A are there, but the new ones added at B are gone... until I return to location B.


      In other words, it seems like markers are not saved as part of the project, but are saved within each clip file. If that's true, what I'm experiencing would make sense. Even though I'm relinking the clips when I change edit locations, the markers are part of the footage files on each of my duplicate drives and do not move with me when I change locations.


      I just wanted to confirm this is "how premiere pro works," or see if there is a preference checkbox or workaround I'm not aware of. Maybe I've found a bug? If this is just how it is, I'll have to come up with an alternate way to mark footage I'm reviewing, or just move the drives with me when I move, which I'd love to avoid.


      Thanks for any thoughs on this anyone has.


      Billy Sheahan

      Chicago, IL