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    Change Default Font and Trans

    redone5623 Level 1

      I want to change the default font and transition time at the system level. Why Adobe made transition 1:00:06 I will never know. Also I use basic titles a lot and no I don't want to use the templets. I believe Adobe uses a hierarchy for choosing a default font, I have a hard time beliving that there is no way to change it. Any white papers on how to tacle these things?


      I like this software but it is really lacking in root customization, there is always some annoying trick that always adds an extra step which equals a loss of time.


      Currently I am running 5.5

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          shooternz Level 6

          Transition length is a Preference setting.  Fill your boots.


          Adobe made it 1 second in NTSC  (30fps)  and one second  (25fps)  in PAL.  You got to start with something!


          Fonts - are you talking about Titler Fonts?  ( How hard is it to choose one at the time?) But you can customise the presets how you wish.


          Before you ask...you can also change the still frame duration as a preference.

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            redone5623 Level 1

            I just found that in preferences it is framed based for transitions but then in the transition itself it is time based. By default under preferences it is 30 but can be changed to 24. That will eliminate the 01:00:06 and make it 1 Sec for 24P projects. but this does not really answer my questions per say. As to (how hard it is to change titles one at a time?) It is a pain, the amount of videos I pump out can be massive and I use one font all the time. Evertime I have to go to preferences and to change things one at a time it slows me down. (I like to sleep too)


            You say I can customize the preset on titler, thank you for that info, that is great, might you direct me to how?

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              shooternz Level 6

              In the absence of a Help File pdf for CS6...see if you can download one for CS5.


              The Titler section will  show you how to customise what you want.  Some of it is a bit hidden and not so intuitive in the actual Titler.


              Dont forget about "Create Title Based On"... the one you have open already.


              This effectively can act as a pseudo template and your fonts and style will work.   I do this a lot.


              Create a title as of your preference design and font.

              Open it in the Titler .

              Create Title Based on.. ( its an icon option in the titler and you will be asked to rename it)


              Go for it..rinse and repeat....

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                johatk86 Level 1

                I think this will do the job for you:

                you can create a template with the text set to what font/size/colour etc. that you need. To do this just create a title and change to your desired settings, then delete the text.

                Select the "templates" icon near the top left of the title designer window, select "templates" from the title menu or hit the shortcut "Ctrl+j".

                Select the little triangle/arrow icon at the top right of the templates window and select "Import current title as template" from the drop down menu.

                Select the same little triangle/arrow again and select "Set template as default still" from the drop down menu.

                Now when you create a new title it will open the title designer with the settings you chose.

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                  Jim_Simon Level 9

                  Why Adobe made transition 1:00:06 I will never know.


                  They didn't.  They made it 30 frames, which works out to 1:06 in a 24 fps sequence.


                  Given the far superior 'film look' of 24 fps over any other frame rate (in my view), and that most any HD camera currently being sold will record 24p, I'd agree 24 should be the new default for all future versions of Premiere Pro.


                  Or even better, offer the option of setting a default time (like the audio transition), rather than number of frames.  That way a 1 second transition lasts 1 second no matter what sequence you're working in.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    And also for the fonts and also the treatments of Type, one can design a Style, and Save that, for reuse. Then, it becomes a one-click on that Style to apply it.