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    Zoom (scale) with a series of Jpegs


      What's the 'best' way to zoom in or out pf a series of jpegs? I have jpegs of one building over a few decades that I will line up in a comp so they are positioned and scaled the same. The sequence will start zoomed in on one feature. Then I want to zoom out gradually over time so that the last image shows the entire building. I thought I could just take that one comp and put it in another comp to scale it, but find it is already cropped to the frame size. This will end up in Premiere, so if it can be done easily there, that just as good!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Depends on the photos, I guess. You're pretty much asking the impossible - nobody can advise for a "best" approach without actually seeing the shots. Anyway, sounds like you're too bent on over-simplifying this and that's why you bump into obstacles. Quite possible you end up animating each still separately in a pre-comp and then align the pre-comps in a master comp. Some things just can't be smartened up and require tedious manual keyframing.



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            TerryPba1 Level 1

            Darn. I was beginning to think it wouldn’t be simple. The end effect will be, say, beginning with a closeup of a main entrance door, and slowly zooming out through several pictures of the same building over time. I was going to have all the pictures in the comp scaled at that closeup, so the zoom should have been fluid.

            But I now wonder if I have all the pictures scaled at the size of the last shot if I can take that comp and begin with a closeup of the door and zoom out. These are hi-res tiffs—will I be losing the detail once I place them in the first comp and try to zoom out in the second? Guess I’ll find out tonight!

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              Any scaling changes pixel information and "loses quality" due to resampling. That works both ways, though natuiralyl people mostly noticve when scaling things up. Scaling the picture to an "ideal" start size and then working based on that should of course do the trick...



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                bogiesan Level 4

                This isn't difficult.

                Your main comp is going to be as large as your jpegs and hopefully they're about 3kx4k. If they're smaller, either forget this idea or go back tot he original images and rescan them so they come in at 3kx4k. Note those are pixels and the scanning setting has nothing at all to do with dpi.

                Line up all of your shots using blend settings. Start with your first image and line all of them up to the first image.

                Set your dissolves bt do not move the comp or adjust scaling.

                Bring this comp into your distribution comp whihc is set at 1080 or 720. Scale the main comp to simulate a camera that is zoooming out.


                As an aside, you CAN use jpegs that are about 1500 pixels tall in a 3000 pixel comp if you understand and accept the scaling artifacts. You can apply a one- or two-pixel blur to hide the scaling. Or you can find a Photoshop guru who can do sophisticated rescaling for you.

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                  TerryPba1 Level 1

                  Thanks to all. I'm still testing, but lining them up 'matched' at full scale and then beginning with a tight shot and zooming out works.