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    mouse wheel usability

    getho Level 1

      Is rubbish.  Cmon abode,  its not rocket science.  Or maybe I'm doing wrong -

      Is there any other way to scroll audio and video layers other than with the scrollbar? If not here are some no brainer suggestions:


      existing: scroll along timeline with mouse wheel. If you're at all zoomed in its far too slow, so


      How about clicking on the mouse wheel and dragging left or right (like doing the same horizontally on a webpage) for quick timeline scrolling?


      Modifiers are your friend:

      Shift scroll to actually scroll up and down layers (I would use this massively more than moving along timeline).


      ad ctrl to the mix so that it speeds up scrolling or zooming:

      ctrl-scroll 5 times as much movement along timeline

      ctrl-alt-scroll 5 times as much zooming.


      probably dont need ctrl-shift unless you have 30 layers, but should include it for consistency


      Coming from photoshop I love modifiers, they speed up workflow massively. They allow you to stay focussed on what you're working on without taking your eye or mouse away to pallettes or scroll bars.  And there is another point.  Many people use lots of adobe applications.  They need to sit down with all the development teams and standardise some of these things.


      Like finding an asset in explorer.  I do this a lot in bridge, dreamweaver, indesign, lightroom and I have to look for, to name a few


      Reveal in explorer

      Show in explorer...


      You might say these are little things, get over it.  I'd say these are little things, fix it.

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          shooternz Level 6

          How about using the Hand Tool plus Shift for Horizontal Scrolling?


          Finding Assets, projects etc...in Explorer and Bridge is already an option from thre Project Window


          There already appears to be heaps of modifiers on the Scroll wheel actions...so I dont understand you on that issue.  They include vertical layer scrolling.


          What are you going to do with all the time you save?

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            Wil Renczes Adobe Employee

            getho wrote:

            " Cmon abode,  its not rocket science."


            I'm sorry, we categorically refute your suggestions if you spell our name wrong.




            All kidding aside, I like the mouse wheel down (or middle button) acting as a hand scroll mode.  BTW, just in case, if you didn't know already, alt + mouse wheel performs zoom in/out around the cursor's position. (I personally wish this was the default, and the scroll horizontal/vertical was the alt option, but that's just me.)


            Whatever you do, please make sure that you submit these here.



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              getho Level 1

              ok Will, will do. I'm typo tastic.  Often get my own name wrong


              Its the fluidity of working in photoshop that I havnt't found in premiere, maybe it just comes with expereince but having to stop what I'm doing and drag a scroll bar (or changing tools,shooternz) just to move, removes you from the creative process (and gets my teetch grinding)