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    Hide/Show Menu item in flex




         public  static var menubarXML:XMLList =



            <menuitem label="Cut" icon="cutIcon" data="cut"/>

            <menuitem label="Copy" icon="copyIcon" data="copy"/>

            <menuitem label="Paste" icon="pasteIcon"  data="paste"/>


            <menuitem label="Delete" icon="deleteIcon" data="delete"/>




      I have a problem while hide and show of menu item defined in menubarXML.  I want to hide Paste option untill Cut or Copy option is selected. 

      When menu is loaded first time, paste should not be visible & when i click the Cut option then paste should be visible after Cut & Copy or particular index.


      enable/disable is working for this.. but i want to show hide menu options dynamically.


      Please help !!!!!!!!!!!