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    Multistate Object count limit


      Hi All,


      I tried to convert few textframes in a page to multi-state object. It converts less number of textframes to multi-state object than expected.For example, if there are 14 textframes to be converted into multi-state object, it converts only 7 textframes. Is there any limitation on number of multi-state objects per page? Here is the script which i used:


      for(myCounter = 0; myCounter < app.activeDocument.pages.length; myCounter++){

                  for(counter2=0;counter2<app.activeDocument.pages[myCounter].textFrames.length;counter2++) {


                        theAnswer = app.activeDocument.pages[myCounter].textFrames[counter2];


                           var theMSO = thePageRef.multiStateObjects.add({name:"multiState", geometricBounds: theAnswer.geometricBounds});

                          theMSO.states.item(0).name = "withoutAnswer";

                          theMSO.states.item(1).name = "withAnswer";

                          theMSO.states.item(0).textFrames.add({contents:"", geometricBounds:theMSO.geometricBounds});

                            var myTextFrame = theMSO.states.item(1).addItemsToState(theAnswer) ;




      Please help.