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    nasty nested clip behaviour

    getho Level 1

      So I've got a sequence in a bin that is open as a separate window.  I nest a clip, then click on some footage in my timeline and go to "replace with clip from bin" and the nested clip is not available. It appears you cant replace with clip if the clip thats selected is in a different bin to the sequence?!


      1) why

      2) is there a way to direct where the nested clips get created?

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          Wil Renczes Adobe Employee

          Hmm, check your history panel - my bet is that it *did* do a replace clip, but probably not with the one you think.  When you selected 'Nest', it creates a new sequence in the project panel, and - here's the catch - it also put the focus on that nested clip.  Now, when you choose 'replace with clip from bin', it is actually doing what you ask  - it's replacing your nested clip with the one that has focus, ie the same nested clip.  So, yeah, you could call it a subtle bug.  Try clicking on the clip you want to swap in again in your other bin, try the command again... I bet it'll work.



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            getho Level 1

            Hi Wil,


            Nope!  I nest, then go to replace with clip from bin and its not available - greyed out.  I have to find the nested clip and drag it to the same window (in this case the window that is the bin thats got the sequence in it).  THEN replace... becomes available.


            I'll take some screen grabs next time I'm in premiere to demonstrate.