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    AE CS6 is really Slow!

    naim alwan



      So I have downloaded the CS6 suite to test before I sign up for the Creative Cloud.


      I am finding AE CS6 to be slower than CS5.5, when I scrub through the time time line in CS5.5 I get an update in a pixelated preview but in CS6 all i get is the bounding boxes of the layers moving and ocasionally a really really pizelated preview which is usless. Adobe bosted that this iteration of AE to be faster than the previous, but I can't see it. All I am animating is basic 2D text!!!


      Do I have to set up my Quadro 4000 or should it just work?



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Yes, it sucks. Update your graphics driver. Also in the prefs turn off the "show internal wireframes" option. This causes a lot of unnecessary flicker. Other than that, feeel free to turn off that fast preview crap and use the full quality setting in the comp viewer to revert to software only mode... At least that one still works.



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            naim alwan Level 1

            Rely??? So CS5.5 is faster than CS6?? Turned of the wire frames and set it to the full quality setting still really crap.... I'm serious confused here, I thought CS6 was all about speed!!!


            You're really telling me that 5.5 outy performs CS6??? PLease say it ain't so!!



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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Well, it may be fast with playing back certain footage formats, but clearly someone forgot that AE's primary use is still compositing, not being a finishing add-on tool for Premiere or a hardware accelerated color correction tool. Therefore any operation involving blending modes or transparency calculations that cannot be handled by the graphics hardware will make it cringe and that is a lot of times. Likewise, there will always come a point when the amount of footage used, with or without fancies, is simply too much for any graphics acceleration and then the dance begins: decode with GPU acceleration, realize that the card is out of resources, shuffle it back to main RAM, do blending calculations in software, convert back to hardware buffer to retain the illusion of GPU acceleration. Oooh yeah... And of course all that will multiply by a factor of 10, if you start mixing formats and operations that may cause fast previews to revert to software mode or degrade adaptive quality in teh first place... It positively is a nightmare.



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                naim alwan Level 1

                So do you think I should stick with CS5.5... at the moment for the project I am currently doing ( and the majority of previous and more than likely future ) are typography based, and CS6 just isn't cutting it Really wanted to get my hands on the Extrusion and camera tracker too waa waa

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                  Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                  Shall I tell you my dirty little secret? I start all my projects in CS4 even today and even only use CS5/ CS5.5 when I really have to because I need a specific feature there or for rendering the result to avoid memory errors. Do you smell a distinct "Better safe than sorry!" in there? I hope you do. So yes, go with what works and use CS5.5.



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                    naim alwan Level 1

                    Perfect answer... CS4 it is then Thanks for your time

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                      naim alwan Level 1

                      Whoops sorry for taking up more of your time. But could you possibly advise me as to what extent my performance should increase if I upgrade my RAM from 8GB to 16GB? Also would a better graphics card help the speed issue in CS6?


                      Thanks again

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                        Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                        Better than a Quadro 4000? Not really. What little gain you would see from a Quadro 5000 or 6000 or whatever will be the next in their product line will not make up for the deficiencies in this new-fangled preview system in AE CS6. I'm afraid that's one for the software engineers to put right. And yes, of course, more RAM is always better, at least when you do your stuff in CS5/ CS5.5 where it actually can be addressed by the app. Not so much in CS4 of course, since it is 32bit. Just don't expect it to do miracles - when your comps are not "heavy" enough, you won't see much of a difference, it will just give you more headroom for those millions of particles in particular or otehr suche memory intense plug-ins.



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                          naim alwan Level 1

                          Thanks for the comment and your time

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                            genefama Level 1

                            CS6 is much slower than 5.5 on my Mac Pro, and across all its programs, not just After Effects.  In Premiere Pro, when I just try to move a clip I get a beachball that lasts a minimum of 30 seconds.  I have to keep the mouse button pressed till it stops spinning.  Today a 100 frame sequence took a full 5 hours to render, and it was unrendered the next time I opened the project. I installed a Quadro CUDA card today and it hasn't helped enough to matter at all. I'm starting to wonder if I have a virus.

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                              naim alwan Level 1

                              Just a little updade.. I have increased my ram from 8GB to 32GB, after efects cs6 now performs much better. still not better than CS5.5 did with 8GB of ram. Don't really know what the problem is as Adobe havent replied to this link. Not sure how they can say this ugrade is all about speed lol

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                                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                I'm not exactly sure what is causing your problems but CS6 outperforms CS5.5 on all of my Macs. Make sure you are using the most efficient MP settings, make sure your Mac is up to date.

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                                  naim alwan Level 1

                                  Are you sure it's not the global performance thats making it run faster? When I've ram previewed a clip then it's good with updates and re rendering, but to scrub a clip with no previews already cached... NIGHTMARE!!! Could you tell me what my settings should be?


                                  8 Core Xeon running of 32GB of ram?




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                                    Same problem here. I'm running a Mac Pro 2 x 2.93 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon, 64 GB RAM... And with AE CS6, I can hardly do a single thing. It's more a CPU issue it seems. CPU running at over 90% most of the time. Hopeless working like that.


                                    So, I'm back working on CS5.5. VERY DISAPPOINTED.


                                    Obviously a bug, so I'm hoping there will be an update soon!

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                                      lasvideo Level 4

                                      Sorry guys, performance on my system kicks *** in AE. No slowdown or other mentioned issues.


                                      Early Mac Pro 2008 3,1

                                      2 - 3. Xeons

                                      24 GB ram

                                      Quadro 4000

                                      Maxx Digital raid array (750MB/sec.)

                                      Lion 10.7.3          

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                                        My system barely meets the requirements of CS6, and was working fine for a while and then slowed way down. Long story short (I just undid a lot of typing here) it turned out to be a simple 3D text layer was d r a g g i n g  o u t  even the worst quality ram previews. It was long string of numbers used as a background element, nothing funky done to it beyond an extrusion value of 2. There is other, way more complexly styled and animated text in this comp, but much shorter and causing no problems. Once I changed the long text layer's extrusion value to zero AE was back to it's (relatively) zippy old self again. This is probably not what the OP needs to hear, but I figured I'd share as it's tangentally relevant and is worth looking into if you find a sudden slowdown. YMMV.

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                                          jeff-7117 Level 1

                                          I have found that extremely heavy comps (lots of effects and CPU / memory intensive processes)  will bog down the interface to the point that it's not usable.  Clicking to turn off a layer is met with at least a 3 second delay while my comp is set at third rez (1920 x 1080) with adaptive resolution turned on.  Forget about scrubbing the position or scale properties.  The only way I can get accurate feedback with layers is to solo the layer, make the adjustment and then unsolo, wait 5 seconds or so and then see how the change looks.  This same project file in CS5.5 is MUCH faster as far as interactions and layer manipulations go.  I need to test further with disk caching turned on and off as well as overall render time but as of now, CS6 is more difficult to use on bigger project files simply because of the UI is painfully slow.


                                          Mac Pro 5,1

                                          2 -  2.66 xeons

                                          32 gigs of ram

                                          Quadro 4000

                                          SSD drive for AE cache

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                                            genefama Level 1

                                            An upgrade should never underperform the earlier version, period.

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                                              I had problems when I started using AE CS6, but I realized that if I turned off Ray Trace for 3D comps my computer performs 10x faster than CS5.  Ray Trace in AE is cool, but it slows my system way down.  I'm sticking with Lightwave for now when it comes to 3D.  I'm also experiencing another problem with my bounding box not staying with my text and when I use the move behind tool the bounding box stays, but the anchor point moves??  Is this a bug maybe?


                                              MacPro Dual 2.93 Ghz 6 Core Intel Xeon

                                              32 Gigs Ram 1333 MHz DDR3

                                              ATi Radeon 5870 HD

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                                                Hi there,


                                                I didn't do the jump yet, still running my CS5.5 (since am in the progress of some works and can't really do it right now) but it's a matter of days. Before start reading anything related to CS6 performances I got the feeling that those wouldn't have been the same. Adobe says there will be improvements, regardless of the machine you got, keeping in mind that of course some features described as depending to CUDA acceleration in their white papers won't work under non-Nvidia cards. Ok, I can deal whit it, ray tracing stuff is good although not essential to me, dealing those kinda thiings with my 3D package. However, certainly I wanna know if the update is gonna bog down my system.

                                                In my thoughts, I guess some considerations need to be taken in account about global cache performance. Surfing around on the web I found this comment on a Prolost article, which you can read here: http://prolost.com/blog/2012/5/24/ray-tracing-in-after-effects-cs6.html

                                                The comment in reply to the article says:


                                                "Ok, a little cautionary tale about a new feature in CS6 - be careful where you put the Global Cache folder.

                                                Adobe suggest putting it on a separate drive to your system for speed, but it's also worth doing that for safety...

                                                I spent the weekend working in AE CS6, and the noticed that disk cache is large. 50 Gb on average during the time I was working. In an earlier post I said that CS6 seemed a little more crash prone than previous versions, and that also the crashes were harder than most - the app just vanished at times in front of my eyes with no warning.

                                                Last night the drive that I was using as my cache became very corrupt - to the point that it couldn't be fixed with disk utility or Disk Warrior, and I had no choice but reformat it completely.

                                                Luckily the workstation I was using has 3 internal drives and I'd taken Adobe's advice an allocated a spare one to be the new GC - so it was frustrating but not too big a deal.

                                                However the point is, I did this for speed - I didn't think about what happens if you're regularly reading and writing 50Gb of data in single comp and crashes happen.

                                                If the GC was your on system drive, and that drive wasn't fully backed up, this would be very bad indeed - you be looking a complete re-install of the OS and applications.

                                                Its worth noting I'm really liking the global cache feature - it's big improvement. I'm also definitely not pointing the finger at Adobe for my disk dying. My directories could have had some problems already which I just exposed by continually swapping so much data so quickly. This is not the most scientific test - I could have been causing the crashes by using a drive with errors...

                                                A 50Gb disk cache of small separate files is a lot of balls in the air for the hard drive. If you get crashes some of that data may get corrupted - which in turn may make crashing more likely. Your disk will then get chewed up fairly quickly, and you may not notice this. I didn't.

                                                Lesson to self: Global cache should be on a drive that really doesn't contain anything else of value - FOR SPPED AND SYSTEM SAFETY. This drive should maybe be reformatted and verified regularly, so that it functions as Adobe intend it to.

                                                Because it will be doing a lot of hard work for you."

                                                I think it's a great advise that maybe not everyone have been following yet, so, hope this will be useful for someone of you having your system running unpredictably slow (and unaware of the dangers).

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                                                  I have ran into this myself. I realized I get better performance in AE CS4. I am not sure why


                                                  I shared my thoughts on it and workflow here.



                                                  I would love to hear some feedback on this.

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                                                    I was looking for a solution for After Effects CC 2014 and came across this post.  Scrubbing through footage was terrible- it would just show super pixelated frames and only resolve to the full resolution once you let go of the time indicator.  I started clicking things randomly in the Preferences under Preview and found a solution!  Under Fast Previews I changed the Adaptive Resolution Limit to 1/2 (it was at 1/8 by default).  I guess I never understood what that meant, but it seems that it lets you scrub through footage at half res using the GPU.  I'm not sure why you would ever want it at 1/8- it's pretty worthless at that setting.  Anyway, maybe this will be helpful for someone else who runs into this issue with CC.