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    Reading Dennis Kutchera...

    Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

      Have just read Dennis Kutchera's Colorgrading Round-Up on COW

      So SpeedGrade, no matter how good you may be, we are not likely going to play together unless I can convince our editors that we should abandon Avid for Premiere. What Avid lacks in effects, it makes up in the tools for cutting story and has no problem with massive amounts of data. It is fast and responsive to editing and takes care of things like autosaving versions when your mind is deep in the story and ignoring the computer. No such thing as working all day, forgetting to hit command S and then a crash at 4 pm takes you down. Avid solved this more than 20 years ago: it saves every autosave in an attic folder. If you accidentally delete your sequence and hit save, you've lost nothing. Could I convince our editors to switch? It could be a battle. So Adobe Premiere editing is probably not for us in spite of After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop being huge components of our Graphics and Animation department.


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          TradeWind Level 3

          Yeah, I read that and thought the same thing. I thought about posting on the feed, but you know....I figured from the way that whole thing was written, he didn't really give much of a serious look at SpeedGrade. That's fine, I think for the really high end stuff there are better solutions than Speed Grade, but it's a bit disinginuous to say you'd have to abandon Avid in the first place (he already basically admitted owning the Creative Suite for PS, AI and AE of course, so unless he doesn't upgrade those, he'll have Speed Grade anyway, and it doesn't require you to use PrPro anymore than After Effects or Photoshop would).


          Some people make their minds up in advance and then just try throwing things together to make it sound logical. Unfortunately, in this case, it wasn't necessary and proved nothing but ignorance about the particular application when he made that comment about auto save.


          And let's be serious....if it was an amazing application (Premiere Pro) and it worked well for you but the only thing it didn't have for some reason was an auto-save function, then who would seriously say "uh oh, dealbreaker!" about that? I don't know Dennis Kutchera from Ronald McDonald, but whatever his skills, reviewing applications must not be one of them.

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            Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

            You know, people may resist changes because of various reasons.

            I have no the slightest idea what really made the author say the above.

            I also decided not to comment that on the feed, however since the report is promoted by COW in newsletter I guess Kevin or Todd may devote a couple of words to the incident or at least pay Adobe marketers attention to...