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    No Timeline

    kbarcroft Level 1
      Hi Guys

      I can't get any joy in capturing my old PowerPoint presentations so am rewriting them in Captivate - it's got to be good for something... right??? Which brings to these few questions from a newbie:

      I can't find the timeline, which would greatly help in synching my narrations with the text - I'm clicking the splitter bar (even the top one!!!) but can't access it
      How do I insert bullet-points into a presentation with animations - bullet-points don't appear anywhere
      How do I get my quiz scores to print out without an LMS
      If I create a quiz how can I capture the names as well as the scores without an LMS system

      Sorry if any of these questions are lame but I would greatly appreciate some help, I've been quite a few days trying to produce something with this software and I'm hitting hurdles in every direction... please help

      Kind regards
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          jojolina Level 1
          Hi Kevin the Hurdler

          In the "Edit" view of Captivate, select the View menu item and make sure that "View Timeline" is ticked (shortcut = Ctrl Alt T.
          Bullet points is a new one for me re the animation, but I think the best route would be to create a text box with just one bullet point in it (Transparent box would be best bet), then copy that for however many bullets you need on the slide and align them on the slide. Next is to use Text Animation for each point you are trying to make and align them to the "Bullets". Use the timeline to control entry and exit points per bullet and Text Animation.
          Re the last two points, sorry, way out of my league, but good luck.


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            kbarcroft Level 1
            Hi Guys

            Thank you jojolina I'd already tried that with no joy ('view timeline') but many thanks nonetheless.

            However, I'm now able to answer to my own quesiton and an answer that although ashamed to explain to others, may help someone in the future.

            I'd somehow grabbed hold of the line (not the tab) seperating the workspace from the timeline - and here's the warning - in gabbing it, it collapsed and nothing you do will expand it again unless you grab it and pull downwards.

            Once again I'm embarrassed to admit it and how it caused so much of a headache for so long but newbies like myself beware!!!

            Kind regards