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    Insert multiple files onto a single track, not one file per track

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      In both Audition CS5.5 and CS6, when the user inserts multiple files into a multitrack session, they are placed on multiple tracks. (As the help file says, "The files are inserted on separate tracks at the current time position"). Please change this to allow multiple files to be inserted onto a single track.


      I can understand the usefulness of the current behaviour in some scenarios, but there are other workflows in which the placement of multiple files on multiple tracks is a serious hindrance.


      E.g. In this thread, a user mentions needing to insert 10,000 individual files for dialogue editing and mixing.


      I also posted in that thread because my own workflow involves editing hundreds of individual files, which are single notes recorded for the production of virtual instruments.


      The reason why a "one-track multitrack" workflow is useful to me is that it allows great flexibility in processing multiple files individually or at once, comparing them, adding markers, fades, etc.


      It would also be useful when bringing in any audio that has been recorded in consecutive chunks - field recordings, concerts, Foley sessions, etc.


      In the thread, another user suggested inserting all the files onto a single track in Premiere Pro, then bringing that project into Audition as a multitrack session. Unfortunately this creates another problem for me, because it renames all the audio with the suffix "extracted". My workflow requires me to keep the original file names, because these are used downstream when mapping the recorded notes in the virtual instrument.


      Thanks for reading and please consider this for a future update.

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          ryclark Adobe Community Professional

          The Open Append command has returned in the File menu in CS6 but this only works to open and join a whole list of audio files one after the other in the Waveform view producing one long file. This can be inserted into the Multitrack view but only as a single clip.


          What we need then is an Insert Append Clip command for the Multitrack.

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            icfm Level 1

            Thanks for posting.


            I'm envisaging something even simpler - it doesn't need to be a separate file menu command - just a dialogue box that pops up when you insert files into a multitrack, asking whether they should be inserted onto multiple tracks, or one track.


            There could also be a "do not show this again" checkbox, and if this is checked, the user could change the settings in the program options area.


            (This is pretty much how it works in Samplitude.)

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              Rich LePage Level 1

              A related matter happens when you want to copy a group of clips that is spread across 2 or more tracks and then simply paste them further along in the timeline to the same tracks the source clips were on. 


              Audition will get the first track right but will then open new tracks for the other clips when you past them. 


              This is something we have to do quite often in long programs and it gets frustrating to then have to then move all the

              other pasted copies one by one back to where they belong (the original tracks) and then delete the new tracks the

              paste operation created. 


              There should be some sort of over-ride or dialog that allows the user to say basically they want the pasted result to be placed on the same tracks as the source material.

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                icfm Level 1

                That's a really good example and I can understand how the option to paste the clips onto the same track(s) would speed up your workflow.


                Thanks for posting!

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                  Just curious. Has there been an answer yet as to how to insert existing audio clips from a file to a waveform view in CS6. I create voiceovers or edit large interview files that require audio tones and sfx for my clients in production studios. The tones are inserted between takes as a courtesy tone to denote separation.  In the older versions of Audition, the function was as simple as mix/pasting an audio file, selecting insert or overlap, set the import level percentage and paste.  And each time this function was exercised, Audition would use the same settings you last used to reduce repetition of settings. Logical. That's all gone in CS6 ... so, to lay down a voiceover file for Comcast or any client, in waveform view (vs. Multitrack which is not necessary for single mono file editing) I have to go through unnecessary steps simple to select insert/mix paste>file>paste into existing wave form.


                  Also, if I need to simply overlap a gasp over the last syllable of a phrase in a simple wave form, I don't appear to be able to do this.  I called Adobe for support on these function, but, they had not answers and simple said I couldn't change the workspace, and they had no other answers. Any help would be greatly appreciated if you have insight.

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                    tobyricketts Level 1

                    If anyone, like me, was wondering if this has been fixed - it has in Adobe Audition CC 2017


                    Under Preferences > Multitrack Clips > When inserting multiple clips


                    Has saved me so much time!

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