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    InDesign Crashing - Troubleshooting Steps?

    Victoria Bampton LR Queen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      Has anyone managed to get the hang of getting InDesign CS6 to, well, stay open?! 


      I've just tried to open my last book into ID CS6 (Creative Cloud install) to make some changes, but it crashes every time I open the documents.  It then crashes every time thereafter.  When I go clear out the recovery cache, it will then open quite happily until I try to open one of those documents.


      They were created in CS5.5 in February, and I've just reopened and resaved them in CS5.5 as I initially thought it was falling over linked files that had been updated.  They're not the most straight-forward of files - they use cross-references, toc, index, loads of linked images, had the images resized using Link Optimizer, etc.  But they still work perfectly when opened in CS5.5.


      I've emailed Zevrix to find out if they know of any incompabilities (waiting on reply) but the files still open quite happily in CS5.5 even on computers that don't have LO installed, so I'm not sure it's that.


      The machine had Photoshop beta on it (since uninstalled) but nothing to do with InDesign prerelease.


      So, where do I start troubleshooting?  I've trashed preferences, cleared recovery cache, but I'm not as familiar with InDesign as I'd like to be.  Any help would be much appreciated!