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    Native PlugIn initiators & commands.

    Silly-V Adobe Community Professional

      Hello everyone, this is moved from Scripting Forums:


      Hey yall,

      In the CS6 reference it states:


      Scripting plug-ins

      The CS6 JavaScript scripting interface allows for limited scripting for plug-ins. A plug-in can define a command, with an event and notifier, and a handler that performs some action. A JavaScript script can then use the app.sendScriptMessage() method to send parameters to that plug-in-defined command, and receive a plug-in-defined response.

      For example, the Adobe Custom Workspace plug-in defines a command "Switch Workspace". A script can invoke this command with the following code:

      result = app.sendScriptMessage("Adobe Custom Workspace" , "Switch Workspace", '<workspace="Essentials" >');

      In this case, the value that the plug-in returns is the string "<error=errNo>".




      Does anybody know where or how I can find out the native plug-in commands and what parameters they accept?


      Thank you for any ideas!