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    CS5.5 - Problem dragging pages & bounding boxes.


      Hi Everyone or Anyone!


      I have searched all online forums to try & help me, I am at the end!


      I have InDesign CS5.5 and not so long ago it stopped letting me move, shuffle or drag master pages, document pages and any objects I've drawn on my pages. I can only move the above via the arrow keys or by right clicking and using the long method.  It appears like something is locked, but I have tried ALL AVENUES I can think of and no luck. I'm not using layers. I've also reset all my preferences & checked my tablet. I'm assuming I must have pressed a hot key combo which changed a setting I don't know about. But it takes an awful long time to arrange any long documents. Has this been an issue for anyone else? Anything you discovered or can recommend? HELP!