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    Question about Flex retrieving real-time data

    EvolvedDSM Level 2
      I am starting a new flex project that will require a datagrid to update it's information any time a user adds, modifies, or deletes the info contained in the datagrid. In specific, we have two PC's that we use to log visitations of clients at my agency. When changes to the datagrid are made on one PC, I want it to update the info on the other PC without having to refresh the app. The data is being provided by our coldfusion win2k server.

      I've been reading on this, and came across the CRM example that uses Flex Data Services to provide real time data updates. I was able to duplicate the example on my local machine while running the JRUN version of FDS and it worked fine. From my understanding, the JRUN FDS is not intended to be used in production, rather we need our server to have J2EE to use the FDS. I am not positive, but I don't think our windows server has J2EE installed (maybe it does and I just don't know what to look for). So here's my question(s):
      1. Do I really need FDS to provide real time data?
      2. To have FDS on my server, does it require J2EE?
      3. If J2EE is required, how do I verify if the server runs J2EE? As stated before, it has ColdFusion on it, but its just a standard installation as far as I know.

      Any help is appreciated. Thanks