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    FLV Will not Load in FLVPlayback Component


      I am working on developing a Flash video player for the company I work for.  I am not having any luck getting the video to play from FMS in the player I am creating with Flash CS 5.


      What works:

      Our FMS Installation when played through the OSMF Hosted Player.


      SharePoint 2010 utilizing Content Editor Web Parts.


      Why I can't use this:

      The company I work for does not want the url to the FMS server visible via a 'view source' for security reasons.  So for each video asset I need to publish, I need to basically create a player that has the URL in the compiled SWF to obsfucate where the stream is coming from.


      What doesn't work:

      Following  Beginning Flash Media Server 4.5 – Part 2: RTMP streaming on-demand video 

      This looks to be a really simple 5 part process to get Flash video streaming from our video server to the end users, but no matter what I've tried, I can't get the video to play.


      This is what I'm doing.


      I'm running Flash CS 5 on my Apple laptop, and creating the .fla and publishing the.swf and .html assets.  I open up a new Action Script 3 project, change the size, and then drag out the FLVPlayback 2.5 component.  In the component inspector, I put my working url (rtmps://mydomain.mil/vod/low_bandwidth/netcom/how_to_navigate) in the source property and leave the defaults as the tutorial states and save my .fla file.  I publish, and I get the following error:


      "The video player is in the connection error state. It enters this state when a video stream attemped to load but was unsuccessful. There are two possible reasons for the error: no connection to the server, or the stream was not found"


      This error is actually OK - the development laptop I am using is not allowed to connect to the network where the FMS Server is located.  I have to manually pass the associated files over to another machine that is connected to the network. I upload to SharePoint (having to switch to the Page Viewer Web Part to bring in the multiple .swf), and I get nothing - the Flash player appears with no content, so it's a big white empty space.


      If I try and use the files on the computer that is on the same network as the FMS Server via running the HTML in the browser, I get the .SWF and the chrome overlay to pop, but the the status bar just spins and no content loads.


      Is there a setting somewhere I'm missing in the Component Properties for using FMS that's not listed in that document?


      I should be getting a copy of the flash tool on a device that will allow me to be on the same network as the FMS server shortly, so I can at least take that transfer issue out of the equation.


      Thanks for your help.