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    Resizing and editing Components Design - Some problems and questions at CQ5

    MatheusOliveira Level 1

      Hello everyone,


         I'm building a website application following the http://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/current/howto/website_quick.html guide (using the cq 5.5). The thing is, when I drop an image component on the site and drop some image into this one, the component resize my image. Even if I double click the image component and change the size, there's kind of a "maximum" size. I don't wanna change this one by css properties because if my user change the picture or drop a new one in the page, the change will not be applied to this new one.


        So, my question is, there's a way to configure the component to get the size i'm inputing on the dialog, without "limits"? Below some images of what i'm doing.


        Resizing image component.jpg



        The second problem I found is with the "text & image component". I've inserted the "right" alignment for the image in the styles tab, but the image stays on top of the text, and there's nothing I can do to solve this in the input dialog. Don't wanna use the css for the same reason that I've explained before.


      Text & Image.jpg


        All the components are imported from fundation.


        So, there is something I can do to change the design of my components?


      Thanks in advance,

      Matheus de Oliveira.

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          You can do any of the following thing:


          1. either you provide an option in the dialog for author to select right or left and then pass this choice to your jsp and set the style for image using java if else condition operator.

          2. or directly use your allignment attribute to image in jsp.

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            MatheusOliveira Level 1

            1 - I believe that this is automatic in the previously created component, but don't work in this case. I'll check the component source code on foundation, anyway.

            2 - And what happens if my user delete this image and create a new one? Changing atributes or codes in jsp/css/html is not an option inside the par zone.

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              orotas Level 4

              For the issue you are having with the maximum size there are couple of possiblity.


              The firstpossiblity is that your CSS is enforcing a maximum size. So to check this take the src from you img tag and put in a browser and see if you get the original size or not. If you get the right size when viewing the image URL than you do in the page than the issue is CSS. Depending on how you have designed your site's CSS there might be any number reasons it's limiting the image size but whatever the reason it's an implementation question.


              The second option is that design mode of the image component. The default install has a maximum image size set in design mode of the image component. Switch your page to design mode and verify that the maximum image size is not set in the design dialog.


              A final option is that the DAM is enforcing the maximum size. In CQ 5.5 the default configuration is to create a web ready rendition with a maximum height and width fo 1200 x 1200. The out of the box components and the out of the box image rendering script will use this web ready rendition if it is present rather than the original image.


              To check if this is your problem do the following:

              • Go to the workflow model console and edit the Update Dam Asset workflow.
              • Delete the step in the workflow named Web Ready Rendition
              • Upload a new image that is larger than 1200 x 1200 to the DAM
              • Try and use that image in an image component - it should display at the original size.
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