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    Why does Eclipse help output produce multiple eclipse_whtdata.xml files?


      I have a Robohelp 9 project (created with RoboHelp HTML 9.0.2).

      I choose to export as Eclipse help (this is nearly the same as webhelp).

      Our tech lead integrates my exported Eclipse help output files into Eclipse IDE's help

      as a separate book. The user can expand our parent book into multiple books and display topics.

      The topics in this project are approx. 300.


      Our question:


      How we can set up our project or book files in Robohelp that will generate only one Eclipse whtdata file that will include all toc entries.



      Our problem:

      The project generates multiple (6 currently) eclipse_whtdata files.



      It generates a toc.xml file with a  <topic> child element that points to an eclipse whtdata file as follows:   <link toc="eclipse_whtdata1.xml">


      The eclipse_whtdata1.xml has toc labels and links to topics.


      Within the eclipse_whtdata1.xml file, there are 5 instances of toc labels and links that point to other eclipse_whtdata files.


      So we are getting 6 eclipse_whtdata.xml files, numbered from 1 to 6. File number 1 links to files  numbered from 2 through 6.



      I tried to identify a pattern and I do not see differences in the way the books are set up in the Robohelp project, and no difference in the way the topics are linked to the books, etc. I even removed some books and recreated them.


      The Robohelp project has a parent book, with a linked topic.

      This topic links to all first level child books and some standalone topics.

      Each child book has a topic with links to all of its child books or child topics.



      No errors are displayed in the output on generation.


      Thank you for any help or pointers you can provide.