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    Menu timing and looping

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          digabyte Level 1

          I am having trouble with the title menu going to "stop" (a blue DVD Device screen) when the background video ends.  I have the video set to loop forever, and the end action for the menu is set to the same menu (not "stop") --I see no option to remove the end action, so I assume there must be an end action for the menu.  When I view the project in the Encore CS4 preview window, the video loops, but when I build a DVD and view it on a DVD player, the DVD goes to "stop" (a blue device screen) after the background video ends (no matter what player I put the DVD in).  Also, regarding the "Set menu loop back" instructions above, "set to loop point" is greyed out in the "Specify Link" pop up menu, whether or not I leave the loop point at zero or change it to another number.  Is there something I'm missing to get the background video to repeat forever instead of stopping the operation of the disc once the video completes?

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            Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Please post a screenshot of your flowchart.

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              digabyte Level 1

              It's extremely simple:


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                Encore CS6 Mac crashes everytime I preview a motion menu with loop.

                Also, burning DVD, the last frame of the menu freezes and buttons become unresponsive.


                This is a bug that Adobe need to fix soon.

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                  Please don't double-post.  Duplicate post removed.

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                    1925desco Level 1

                    When playing a burned Bluray disc created in Encore CS5 (or any previous version), my motion menu pauses for a second at the specified loop point and then continues on with the rest of the motion video as expected. The pause problem remains regardless of the format of the motion video. When the same project is burned to a SD DVD, there is NO pause problem in the burned DVD.  Also, the Encore pre-burn preview runs fine. 

                    This problem has persisted for at least 4 years now.  The blogs are filled with comments related to this problem, yet Adobe has remained dormant in seeking a solution.  I don't know why, but I would like to know if there is a third party software vendor who has a solution to this Adobe problem?

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                      digabyte Level 1

                      To my knowledge, this is a limitation of the medium.  You'll notice the same "hiccup" when a pro-replicated DVD hit's the loop point.

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                        1925desco Level 1

                        I beg to differ.

                        Because of Adobe's inability to find a solution to the problem of Encore pausing at a motion background loop point (Bluray burns only), I downloaded at trial copy of Sony's DVD Architect Pro (version 6) and created two Bluray projects (AVCHD and MPEG2) with motion backgrounds and embedded loop points.  I burned the finished projects onto Bluray discs and they performed fine without showing any signs of pausing at the loop points.

                        This was a big deal for me because I rely heavily on projects that have After Effects motion menus with fly-in buttons.

                        So, if Sony found a solution, so why can't Adobe. I suspect it isn't a priority for them.


                        Now to be completely fair, I don't believe Sony's DVD Architect Pro supports Bluray pop-up menus. For me, I can live with that for now.