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    [CS5] Execute script via LBQ and return value from script?

    lhanneman Level 1



      We are using LBQ (load balancing) to queue up scripts to be run on our instances of IDS (rather than accessing IDS directly). Is it possible to have a script return a value (a string or integer) back to our .NET code which queues up the scripts? I've seen online that it's possible if you access IDS directly to run your scripts, but haven't found a way when using load balancing since by default LBQ returns an object (which only seems to contain data about load balancing).


      What I'm ultimately trying to accomplish is write a .NET function that will figure out the number of pages in a given document. So the script is fairly simple, I can just open the document and return the pages.length value. I'm just not sure how to actually get that value back into the .NET code from the object returned by LBQ.


      Has anyone come across any scenario like this or know of any better ways to get information out of a script when executing via LBQ?


      Many thanks in advance!