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    CS6 closed captioning

    Fritz Golman

      I've been searching and searching for the bottom line on CS6 and closed captioning and have yet to find a definitive answer.




      If I attached a closed caption file in Premiere CS6, will the eventual output in Media Encoder CS6 preserve the file when exporting to an MPEG format for eventual broadcast?


      And, other than attaching the file, are there any other considerations?


      Any adivse on this, in general, to be able to minimize the cost (or eliminate) of an outside bureau captioning services?


      Thanks all in advance!


      Fritz Golman

      River Forest IL

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          In previous versions, you could only output CC to tape, not to a file.


          I have not seen any mention that this behavior has changed for CS6.

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            Fritz Golman Level 1

            That is precisely what I am attempting to determine. It seems from the limited text in the "what's new" documents and sales materials that this has been improved and WILL preserve it on file output. But I don't have the capability to test it.


            Anyone .... ?


            Fritz Golman

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              I want to make sure we're talking about the same feature before commenting to much.  Are you referring to the feature in PP CS5.5 that allows you to attach an SCC caption file and preview the results in the project pane?


              The way I understand it, that is just a preview feature, and even for laying to tape with the captions you need third party hardware and drivers, like AJA or Blackmagic. If Adobe has really built broadcast caption encoding into Media Encoder that would be fantastic, but I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere.  Can you point me to the references that you saw for CS6 that imply that it works?


              I'm in the process of doing a demo of the SCC caption preview feature on CS5.5, but have not tried it yet with CS6.  I may be able to test that next week. 

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                Did you ever get an answer to this? I'm struggling with the same thing now. Apple's Compressor has taken an scc file and embedded it in broadcast mpegs for several years. I can't believe that Adobe is only using an scc file for "preview" and not embedding it. They even label their MPEG2s as broadcast, 608/708 is part of the standard, no?There must be some tick box that I'm missing.


                David Bell

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                  Art.Morgan Level 1

                  Perhaps Fritz will have better news, but I still haven't seen a caption embed feature in Premiere.


                  If you are looking for a software-only solution, one possibility I heard about recently is from Encoding.com:

                  https://www.encoding.com/blog/entry/universal_closed_captioning_solution_for_delivery_to_a ll_devices


                  They told me they can do MPEG2 TS encoding for 608/708, but I haven't personally seen it used for broadcast yet. 


                  If that does seem viable for you, let me know.  We have a lot of customers who are also looking for software only solution with Premiere.




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