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    How do I make Adobe program files accessible to virus scan?

    LaciG Level 1

      Following Jeff's advice, I am reposting my original question in this forum with the screen shots. (I have posted too many questions and have gotten several useful answers. However my main question has gotten only one answer, notably that I should not use any virus protection program on my editing computer. Since right now this is my only computer, I can't follow this advice.)


      The issue: The BitDefender Antivirus program skips all (or most?) Adobe program files because they are password protected.


      My questions:


      1. Should I just leave those program files un-scanned? (Any danger that viruses could get into password protected files?)

      2. Are those files password protected by Adobe? If so is it to avoid changes (deliberately or accidentally) made by the users?

      3. If there is no potential danger to un-protect them, how do I do it?


      Please see two screen shots below.


      Thanks for any help,