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    How to create portfolio for iPad without DPS?


      We are mostly interested in putting our portfolio on an iPad that we can show when visiting clients. We'd prefer a standalone ap that can run on an iPad free of a browser. Every where I look it seems we can set it up in InDesign but that we need Digital Publishing Suite to put it in a form of an iPad ap. Is that correct? We don't want to have to login to some server or require others to have an account at acrobat.com... to "share" or show our portfolio, we just want to show it to them when we visit them in person.


      We will be recreating our portfolio on the web as well, but when visiting clients, we don't want to be restricted to internet access to show it. Also, viewing through a browser takes up more window space - thus the desire for a standalone ap on the iPad.


      How would anyone recommend doing this?


      Any help is appreciated. Thanks!