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    Calling WebHelp from JS doesn't display content in frames

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      We are using WebHelp on a UNIX server run from the cloud, to replace the original spartan-at-best, flat-HTML help content that was released with a web-based program, all of which was "context-sensitive" via mapping to #Name destinations within the old help  web page. To make it work, we have a JavaScript that maps the old #Name destinations to the new WebHelp MapIDs and redirects the old help web page to a subdirectory that has the WebHelp output files. But, it's not working correctly. If we invoke WebHelp via


      HH_DISPLAY_TOC, the new WebHelp opens within the frameset, but the context-sensitive mapping doesn't work.


      The programmer says we need a way to call help using a URL. So, I sent him what it says in the RH help system for programmers:


      RH_ShowHelp(0, "IQ_Help/util_en.html", HH_HELP_CONTEXT, HelpTag)


      I also sent him a PDF of the RH help topics for programmers about calling WebHelp.


      From what I gather reading the JavaScript (and I am NOT a programmer), he has set HelpTag as the variable for the Map ID that is provided in a .properties file.


      Tried unsuccessfully using the following ways of calling it (not as sequential lines of code, but as replacement methods of the same line of code):

      • RoboHelp_ShowHelp(http://[servername]/IQ_Help/util_en.html, 0)
      • RH_ShowHelp(0, "IQ_Help/util_en.html>UUGuide%20SPi",HH_HELP_CONTEXT, HelpTag)
      • RH_ShowHelp(0, "IQ_Help/util_en.html>UUGuide%20SPi",HH_DISPLAY_TOC, HelpTag)
      • http://[servername]/robohelp/rest/robowindow?wtype=ctx&context=HelpTag <-as a call to URL


      I'm sorry, I'm looking like a real idiot around here -- I really don't know much at all about Java or JavaScript, and I have never had to direct a programmer through how to get the help call to work, and I'm at the end of his patience with me... I don't know where else to turn...I need some insight from YOU.


      I thought about providing the text of the JavaScript here, but I don't know for sure whether it would show up as text, or how to make it an attachment that's safe. Please tell me...?


      Thanks in advance,