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    Adobe ID authorization


      How to authorize adobe id when the status says error - adobe id authorize too many times. My old iPad was stolen and have recently replaced with the new iPad. Am trying to download all my ebooks on Overdrive Media App but the authorisation of my adobe id is not accepted. Pls help!!

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          The issue is between Overdrive and ADE.  Overdrive will continue to

          'authorize' when it really doesn't have to do that.


          You can contact the Adobe tech support - either 'chat' or by phone.  They

          can reset your authorization counter.  The people at the other end may tell

          you that they can't help you because your ADE product is free, or that

          you'll have to pay a fee to get their help.  That's a pile of bovine

          byproducts.  Be firm with them - they're the only people who can reset the

          authorization count.


          Now about the cause: Overdrive's interaction with ADE.  I don't know what

          to do aside from contacting THEIR technical support people and discussing

          what's happening.  More than likely, they'll blame Adobe....