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    Adobe Photoshop CS3 has stopped working.


      I have been using Adobe Photoshop CS3 for a couple of years and for the most part haven't had any problems. However, when I tried to run the program today, the message "Adobe Photoshop CS3 has stopped working. Windows can check online for a solution to the problem." popped up, and I could not run Photoshop. I tried clicking on the link to check online for a solution, but the program simply closed with out finding any solutions. I called Adobe tech support, which instructed me to go to tinyurl.com\licensewin and try the 4 possible solutions listed there to try and get Photoshop running again, but none of them worked. I was wondering if anyone knows how I can get Photoshop to work again. When I viewed the problem details it stated:



      Problem signature:


      Problem Event Name: APPCRASH

      Application Name: Photoshop.exe

      Application Version:

      Application Timestamp: 4601eae8

      Fault Module Name: MSVCR80.dll

      Fault Module Version: 8.0.50727.6195

      Fault Module Timestamp: 4dcddbf3



      (It also listed information for the Exception Code, Exception Offset, OS Version, Locale ID, and four different kinds of Additional Information, which I have not listed here).


      I also suspect that I'm having the same problem with all of my other Adobe software (I have Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Premium), since I am getting similar error messages for Adobe Illustrator CS3, and Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 will not open at all and does not even display an error message.


      I would really appreciate any ideas or solutions anyone would have for this problem. Thanks!