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    Flash Failed To Initialize


      Every time I try to install Flash, it comes up with an error message the says it has failed to initialize. I have already tried to re-install.

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          SuhasYogin Adobe Employee

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            sinious Most Valuable Participant

            Do you have a Creative Suite or just Flash as a separate application?


            If as a Suite then I'd recommend (unfortunately) nuking the whole suite and reinstalling. I've had some issues like this and just uninstalling a portion of the suite didn't help. This was a long time ago, in CS2-ish era. Be sure to completely delete all traces of the suite from "\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\" and "\Program Files\Adobe" on Windows or /Applications on Mac as well as anything in your documents folder (settings typically).


            Same goes for Flash installed separately. You need to be sure to get rid of all remaining files uninstall leaves.


            It goes without saying certainly make sure your OS is up to date. Although it comes with c++ runtime redistributables it's good to have newer versions.


            Try installing Java or updating it to the latest as well: http://java.com/en/download/index.jsp