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    PC Laptop for Adobe Creative Cloud Video Production


      Hi Folks,


      I'm new to the Adobe forums so please bear with me.


      I'm currently running a MacBook Pro 17 Quad i7 2.2ghz, 8gb RAM, 120gb OCZ Vertex 3 SSD, and 750gb Scorpio Black in my Optibay.


      I just officially joined the world of Adobe last week after cutting on FCP 7 for years.


      After hearing the rumors of the new MacBook Pro models (Lack of a 17'' model, proprietary SSD like the MBA, mid-range Nvidia GPU) I decided that I'm probably going to head back to the PC World relatively soon. I want to take full advantage of the Mercury Playback Engine. I specifically work with RED footage all of the time, and I'm going to hopefully start shooting on the 4K Cinema EOS cameras from Canon when they get released.


      SO I have a couple of questions:


      1) How well do the Nvidia "Gamer" GeForce cards work with Premiere? I know that they're not supported and that there is a "hack" - but do they work as well as their Workstation Class counterparts in terms of accelerating Mercury?

      2) Is it true that every time an update to Premiere is performed - I would have to do the "hack" all over again?

      3) Is it true that SLI is not supported at all?


      If anything - I would get the Alienware m17x R4 when the Nvidia GeForce 680m card ships later this summer. Between dual SSDs in RAID, 32GB RAM, and a crazy graphics card - it's everything that I would need. Provided that it played well with Mercury. Additionally if Mercury does support SLI then I would go the m18x route.


      Basically - I would prefer to not go with a workstation laptop like the Precision series. They seem really pricy even for the lowest configurations and their Quadro cards seem kind of weak unless you spring for the very best one (a $1000 upgrade).


      Also - is there anything else I should know about running Premiere on a PC versus a Mac?


      Also has anyone used the Nvidia 3D features to cut a project in Premiere? Thanks! That's it for the questions! LOL